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Conquests and Techniques: a Synthesis

12th February to Sunday 27th February 2005
Private View, Friday 11th February, 6pm

Andrew Wake, Catherine Stafford, Craig Coulthard, Dave Maclean, Ellen Munro, Grace Maran, Jenny Hogarth, Kate Owens, Kim Coleman, Richard Battersby, Tommy Grace

“It's such a rangy, well-traveled, big-cocked name, and, to look at, it’s none of these.”

Withdrawn, uneducated and unloved, they collect butterflies and take photographs. They will never regret one single thing they did together because what they had was very special…

Craig pointed out it was a about a quarter of our lives over … kaput ... just like that … from now on it’s all downhill. The others weren’t so sure, Battersby with his arrogantly assured manner painting the target with disdainful wit, ingenious obscenity, astute literariness, loathing, lust, anxiety and an all pervading hyper-self–consciousness. Kate, both funny and in a bizarre way moving- her materials shaped, textured and coloured kind of like small twigs, and tasting like burnt wood. Kim & Jenny …genius I.Q.s and have been laid by at least six different guys. They told us themselves. They put cotton into a tray and spritzed it lightly with the water- lots of water made the colours blend even faster. Dave Maclean; like Andy he was scurrilous, shameless and very funny and, you’d notice, he overlapped edges and tilted images to create harmony and interest in his work. Ellen Munro is a good friend of ours. Once she achieved a rug, our rug, very dense and completely reversible. There would also be others like Tommy Grace. His friends called him The Face, he would secretly fold paper giving him a manual for a projective method of personality diagnosis. When photoboother Grace suggested one last group portrait, Cathy tried using a mixture of Humbrol matt white and a black leather thong from her jewellery making supplies and we got to work.

This precociously intelligent and highly sexed bunch fitted the bill perfectly, planning the seduction meticulously, setting the scene with infinite care – but it doesn’t come off quite as they expect…

Conquests and Techniques: A Synthesis is first part of an exchange between The Embassy, Edinburgh and The Ship, London.