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Concert In The Egg

10th April to 9th May 2004
Private View, Friday 9th April 2004, 6pm

Co-ordinated by Emma Robertson and Jo Stella-Sawicka

Suspended from the gods, a series of platforms will display works by:
Armando Andrade Tudela, Dan Howard Birt, Jemima Brown, Lali Chetwynd, Milena Dragicevic, Tracy Emin & Carl Freedman, Dee Ferris, Michael Fullerton, Francesco Gennari, Luke Gottelier, David Harrison, Richard Hogg, Phillipa Horan, Martin Kippenberger, Rannva Kunoy, Daria Martin, Christina Mackie, Sara MacKillop, Andrew Mania, Justine Moss, Paul Noble, Christopher Orr, Giles Round, Mathew Sawyer Maike Schoorel Lucy Skaer & Hannaline Visnes, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Will Turner, Rachel Tweddell, Francis Upritchard, Donald Urquhart, Johnny de Veras, Mark Aerial Waller, Gary Webb, Martin Westwood, T.J. Wilcox, 24-7

Opening on Good Friday, Concert In The Egg is an exhibition and celebration of the symbolic form of the egg, taking place at The Ship, London. The show takes as its inspiration the sixteenth century painting of the same title by a contemporary follower of Hieronymous Bosch. The work shows a group of characters taking part in an improvised concert inside a broken egg-shell and plays on the allegory of the 'Ship of Fools'. Like the egg, the exhibition intends to bind life and death together in a viscous and visceral goo.

Specially commissioned for the opening evening is a new performance‘Spring Is The Future’ by Daria Martin. From 7.30pm.